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Darkslide Pictures would like to reach out and give our audience a chance to directly help in the creation of our future projects. With the completion of our first major film release: DARKSLIDE, we have set the stage for our next planned releases. Stay tuned for a major project announcement coming up!

Please consider donating through this website or purchase DARKSLIDE from and help support Thunder Bay underground film! These donations will be open indefinitely through this website. 


behind the scenes of DARKSLIDE!

Here is a new behind the scenes video about DARKSLIDE that answers some of the 'Who? What? When? Where? and How?' of the film.

Come out to the premiere at Confederation College Shuniah Building on November 28th 2015 (room 351 @ 7:00pm) and stay tuned for the 01/01/16 online release!

Damen's Bad Dream

DARKSLIDE PICTURES would like to present a new promo video for DARKSLIDE entitled 'Damen's Bad Dream.' Take a peek into the dark mind of Damen Krow! Keep on sliding deeper . . .

DARKSLIDE is scheduled for release 01/01/16!


Born to Dream... the Darkslide soundtrack

The Darkslide soundtrack is composed of many experimental artists who have collaborated their efforts towards creating a unique musical soundscape for the film.

All of this original music will be released periodically on the Darkslide Bandcamp page which can be found here:

The Latest release, Beacons - Born to Dream is available now and can be streamed below!

DARKSLIDE progress update!

Darkslide Picture's first feature film project entitled DARKSLIDE is now over halfway completed! We are using a hybrid process in the creation of this film where the editing, writing, and shooting of the film are all happening at once in an ever evolving world!

Beware - the red hook, being wielded by a strange character from DARKSLIDE called x.X!

Beware - the red hook, being wielded by a strange character from DARKSLIDE called x.X!

DARKSLIDE is scheduled for release in the beginning of 2016 through online streaming services! All those that have donated to the project so far and before it's completion will receive the film free of charge! Stay tuned for an upcoming Darkslide Pictures Indiegogo campaign for your chance to help support local underground art in Thunder Bay, Ontario!

Darkslide (soundscapes of the blue path)

Darkslide Pictures would like to present a soundtrack album entitled 'Darkslide (soundscapes of the blue path)' that features 4 of the ambient tracks that will be featured in Darkslide! It can now be streamed for free on Bandcamp by visiting this link:

Darkslide (soundscapes of the blue path) - a new ambient soundtrack album that has been released through Bandcamp!

Darkslide (soundscapes of the blue path) - a new ambient soundtrack album that has been released through Bandcamp!

There is also a companion album entitled 'Darkslide (soundscapes of the red path)' that will only be available through an upcoming Indiegogo campaign for Darkslide Pictures! Stay tuned for more info!

Help us tell this alternative story about a young musician with Asperger's! Stories about people with alternative neurology need to be told! If you would like to help at any time, please consider a donation by clicking the 'donate' link below!


What is Darkslide about?

DARKSLIDE is the story of Damen Krow, a young musician with Asperger's syndrome. He works at a sawmill part time, but his true passion is playing guitar. He desperately wants to reach people with his music. He spends most of his time alone, and is haunted by past traumas. Through unique circumstances he is introduced to a young artist named Naomi Sinclair. Naomi is his first real connection and introduces him to the possibilities of social interaction and the chance to embark on his dream of being a guitarist in a band.

The film is planned to be released online through a video on-demand system by early 2016! All backers who contributed during the Indiegogo fundraiser will be receiving the film for free!

Damen is not only obsessed with music, but also with Polaroid photography. This is a photo he took of his childhood doll named 'Billy.'

Damen is not only obsessed with music, but also with Polaroid photography. This is a photo he took of his childhood doll named 'Billy.'

DARKSLIDE (Coming 2016)

DARKSLIDE is an experimental thriller about a young man with Asperger's syndrome named Damen Krow. Check out the 'Coming 2016' trailer below for a taste of the unique atmosphere the film will display:

Who are some of the influences behind DARKSLIDE?

There are many artists that have influenced the creation of DARKSLIDE. In truth, all artists who truly love what they do come to inspire the works of others.

For the sake of discussion, I will pick four artists that can be named specifically to elaborate on as influences. The names of these artists are as follows: David Lynch, Shinya Tsukamoto, Dario Argento, and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

MR. LYNCH: Watching ERASERHEAD for the first time at my Aunt's house, while everyone else was asleep. That was the initial spark in me to become a filmmaker. To me it was like looking through a window into some kind of nightmare world that transported me into it.

MR. TSUKAMOTO: TETSUO: THE IRON MAN taught me that movies can be like a roller coaster and that highly cerebral imagery can become hypnotic. It blew my mind all over again. 

MR. ARGENTO: Showed me vivid colours with SUSPIRIA and helped to demolish my fear of using them. That film is still one of my favourites, incredible soundtrack too.

MR. PULVER: Showed me the world of the KING IN YELLOW and allowed me passage through the dark beauty of his prose. He helped to solidify my relation of film to poetry.

- Brendan Petersen



Darkslide Indiegogo campaign!

The Darkslide team would like to share with you an update on how the film is progressing and how the Indiegogo campaign is going to help us along the way!

Thanks to the very generous contributors we were able to raise $3,675 and generate over 2,300 views to the campaign page!

Currently we are refining the screenplay and thickening the plot with greater conflicts between the characters. Darkslide is a portrait of Damen Krow and digs right into the core of his neurological differences by showcasing the darkest parts of his childhood. His need for attention from the public and his yearning to reach people with his music manifest into a wholly separate entity that represents his inner most desires.

Darkslide will feature a unique soundtrack composed of music created specifically for the film! Sound is a huge part of the concept not only because Damen Krow is a musician but also to help enhance the mood and tone of the atmosphere.


Darkslide Pictures proudly announces a new feature length psychological thriller now in pre-production in Thunder Bay, Ontario entitled DARKSLIDE!

Synopsis: Damen Krow is a young man with Asperger's syndrome who plays guitar and works at a sawmill. He has severe trouble making connections in his life, but desperately wants to play guitar in a band. One day, he meets a young woman named Naomi Sinclair. She is his first real friend, and introduces him to the possibilities of human connection. Naomi's sister Tara introduces Damen to a diverse subculture of music and drugs. One day, Naomi completely disappears from their lives. Will Damen rise above his inner struggles or forever slide down into the dark depths of obscurity

We need your help in order to bring our artistic vision into reality. Please help us bring this unique and surreal story about a young man with Asperger's to the world!