Darkslide reviewed

Filmmaker Sebastien Godin has written a very kind review of Darkslide which can be read below:

"Asperger's syndrome isn't something you see touched upon in film very much. I was diagnosed with it at a very young age and I never found it affecting me that much until I reached high school and it hit me like a sack of bricks just how much it really is there. When I heard about Darkslide from one of my professors, I was immediately intrigued and despite having known the writer-director Brendan Petersen for a little while, I only got around to watching it tonight.

Darkslide is about a musician named Damen. Damen has Asperger's, causing some difficulties in recognizing social cues and certain emotions. He meets an artist named Naomi who he develops a genuine connection with. When she suddenly disappears from his life, Damen finds himself in danger of being consumed in darkness forever.

Frenetic, vicious, touching and stylish, Darkslide is a prime example of true indie filmmaking. It's clear from the get-go that it's a very personal film and that it was made with nothing but the utmost love and passion. The film is currently available to own on Vimeo for only $3.99 and I think anyone who likes their genre filmmaking of this variety will truly appreciate it. It's an audio-visual experience that digs into your brain without any intention of ever leaving. And that, of course, is a compliment."