DARKSLIDE PICTURES has constant updates and content available through our YouTube channel! DARKSLIDE is our first feature film about a young musician with Asperger's named Damen Krow and is available now! Our second feature film about three vigilantes intent on cleaning the streets of scum entitled PAPER WASPS is currently in the works! (www.paperwasps.ca for more info)


PAPER WASPS is an exciting new experimental thriller from DARKSLIDE PICTURES which follows three vigilantes known as Hammer Hank, Sister Mercy and Nightchild as they traverse both the real world in Saintsville and the dream world within their collective subconscious. In dreams they must hunt THE WOLF in order to end his torment upon all living souls.

Official Trailer #3!

Often a trailer uses footage found within a film sliced up in short order to convey the overall story and sell it to an audience. An alternative method is to use footage not included in the film or that was fabricated entirely for said trailer to create a piece that works on it's own as well as compliments what it draws from. This new trailer for Darkslide is one of these standalone pieces.

Check it out!

Darkslide reviewed

Filmmaker Sebastien Godin has written a very kind review of Darkslide which can be read below:

"Asperger's syndrome isn't something you see touched upon in film very much. I was diagnosed with it at a very young age and I never found it affecting me that much until I reached high school and it hit me like a sack of bricks just how much it really is there. When I heard about Darkslide from one of my professors, I was immediately intrigued and despite having known the writer-director Brendan Petersen for a little while, I only got around to watching it tonight.

Darkslide is about a musician named Damen. Damen has Asperger's, causing some difficulties in recognizing social cues and certain emotions. He meets an artist named Naomi who he develops a genuine connection with. When she suddenly disappears from his life, Damen finds himself in danger of being consumed in darkness forever.

Frenetic, vicious, touching and stylish, Darkslide is a prime example of true indie filmmaking. It's clear from the get-go that it's a very personal film and that it was made with nothing but the utmost love and passion. The film is currently available to own on Vimeo for only $3.99 and I think anyone who likes their genre filmmaking of this variety will truly appreciate it. It's an audio-visual experience that digs into your brain without any intention of ever leaving. And that, of course, is a compliment."

Asymmetrical Storytelling

    Storytelling is the act of conveying an idea or a message, regardless of the medium one chooses. Creating literature, a film, visual art, or verbally communicating an idea towards another human being are all examples of this. The acts of a story are used to show change over time. The structure has a beginning, middle, and end. But they do not necessarily have to be in that order.

It's about giving people what they need, which is the necessities. Sometimes you have just enough to get by, other times you have too much and you are stuffed full. It's about a middle ground, it's about the fine balance between too much and too little.  Each part of a whole does not need to be equal, fair, or just. Life isn't always equal, fair, or just. Life begins and it ends, it stops and it goes, it rises and it falls. This is the true nature of a story. The structure is a guideline or method from which to evoke and convey these messages and ideas from one human mind to another. We aren't telepathic creatures, so there must be a translation, there must be a vessel in which one receives these messages.

Video games have come up with a concept called "asymmetrical gameplay," where depending on the input device one chooses to play the game, it changes the experience of how the game is played. People who choose different devices from one another, can coexist in the same game, both playing along side one another within the game. One person can choose a conventional controller that jumps over an obstacle with the press of a button, and another can choose a motion controller which does the same action with a physical motion of the hand. Both players have a choice, but can experience the same game together regardless of having a differing input device.

To me, storytelling can be similar. One brings their own 'device' into each and every message or idea being conveyed. When one brings their life experiences into the mix, everything that has ever happened in their life leading up to that point molds who they are as a person. This changes how a message or idea is perceived and digested depending on what each individual brings to the table. 

Focus on giving people what they need, and the message will find itself. If you focus on giving people only what they want, they might stuff themselves full, gorge out on the process, or overindulge. Give them just what they need, so that they crave more. Don't starve them, but give them just enough to survive, and watch as your story with it's own messages and ideas stand on it's own two feet.