Darkslide Indiegogo campaign!

The Darkslide team would like to share with you an update on how the film is progressing and how the Indiegogo campaign is going to help us along the way!

Thanks to the very generous contributors we were able to raise $3,675 and generate over 2,300 views to the campaign page!

Currently we are refining the screenplay and thickening the plot with greater conflicts between the characters. Darkslide is a portrait of Damen Krow and digs right into the core of his neurological differences by showcasing the darkest parts of his childhood. His need for attention from the public and his yearning to reach people with his music manifest into a wholly separate entity that represents his inner most desires.

Darkslide will feature a unique soundtrack composed of music created specifically for the film! Sound is a huge part of the concept not only because Damen Krow is a musician but also to help enhance the mood and tone of the atmosphere.